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The black cloaked shadow raced through the cobblestone streets, a mass of soldiers following. He chuckled, sprinting faster, vaulting over large wooden crates, and climbing over small walls. Suddenly his fun ended when he hit a dead end. A wall, too high for him to scale quickly loomed over him. He sighed and turned to the soldiers. 

"You, sir are under arrest for murder, disrupt-."

"Just get it over with before you bore me to death." The hooded figure said rolling his eyes as he unsheathed his two short swords, and attacked back. He fought with surprising skill and speed. Many fell, and soon after the large group was halved, they ran. A large, hulk of a person blocked their way, wielding an axe. The other half soon became nothing. 

The hooded figure appeared beside the giant, and looked up at him. The giant was a large man, about seven feet tall with broad shoulders. The cloaked figure was only around five and a half feet tall. He looked up at the giant and smiled. 

"Nice job, Xerxes." He smiled. The giant nodded. 

"You too, Gavin." He grunted. Gavin, the hooded man chuckled and started to walk out of time. He snapped his fingers and it started to rain, taking the blood with the water into the drains. No one noticed when the two left town, but they did notice the messages scrawled in blood on the walls. 

"Never again." It said. 


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